NCERT Swadhyay Pothi Solution STD 6 to 8 { Maths & Science}

Here we provides Chapter-wise, detailed solutions to the exercise of the NCERT Swadhyay Pothi Solution on this page below. NCERT Solutions for Standard 6 to 8 Maths & Science Swadhyay Pothi available on this page. Teachers may download Solution for standard 6 to 8 students better preparation. Its may help for teachers to examine students.

NCERT Swadhyay Pothi Solution

The Education Department of Gujarat State, provide Swadhyaypothi to standard 6 to 8 students for better preparation in Mathematics and Science & Technology Subject. All Students may solve all chapter themselves for that they have to work hard in both of subject. This is a very good step by Government of Gujarat for Primary School Gujarat.

Swadhyaypothi ByGujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT)
Standard 6 to 8
SubjectMathematics & Science Technology

 Standard 6 to 8 Maths & Science Solution

Important Note: This solution is only for Understanding. The answer may be different according to their own understanding of students. (यहाँ पे दिए गए सोल्यूशन जानकारी के लिए हे, इसमे गलती होने का अवकाश हो सकता है| बच्चोकी अपनी समजदारी पर जवाब अलग हो सकते हे | )

Standard 8 Swadhyay Pothi Solution

Sr. NoMaths Science
19th ChapterChapter 10 Solution
210th ChapterChapter 11 Solution 
311th Chapter12th Chapter Solution 
412th Chapter Solution13th Chapter Solution 
513th Chapter Solution 14th Chapter Solution 
614th Chapter Solution15th Chapter Solution 
715th Chapter Solution 16th Chapter Solution
816th Chapter Solution 17th Chapter Solution

Standard 7 Swadhyay Pothi Solution

Sr. NoMaths Science
19th Chapter SolutionChapter 10 Solution
210th ChapterChapter 11 Solution
311th Chapter12th Chapter Solution
12th Chapter Solution13th Chapter Solution
513th Chapter Solution14th Chapter Solution
614th Chapter Solution15th Chapter Solution
715th Chapter Solution16th Chapter Solution
816th Chapter Solution17th Chapter Solution

Standard 6 Swadhyay Pothi Solution

Sr. NoMaths Science
18th ChapterChapter 10 Solution
29th ChapterChapter 11 Solution
310th Chapter12th Chapter Solution
411th Chapter Solution13th Chapter Solution
512th Chapter Solution14th Chapter Solution
613th Chapter Solution15th Chapter Solution
714th Chapter Solution16th Chapter Solution
815th Chapter Solution17th Chapter Solution


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